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Controlling Blowing and Drifting Snow with Snow Fences and Road Design - Prepared for the National Cooperative Highway Research Board of the National Academies, August, 2003 NoMoreBS.pdf (PDF, 346p, 19MB)

Slide Show:  Effectiveness of Snow Fences - PowerPoint-style Slidesho.pdf (PDF, 65p, 28MB)

Safety Improvement Study:  Wyoming I-80 Mile 215-311 (Final Report #2) - Prepared for the Transportation Commission of Wyoming, February 2006 Report.pdf (PDF, 415p, 56MB)

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Experience & Qualifications (includes Clients & Projects shown on Projects page)  Experience and Qualifications.pdf (PDF, 41p, 307KB, updated 05-29-09)

Publications and Reports   (as listed on Bio & Publications page) Publications and Reports.doc (Word, 10p, 91K, updated 05-29-09)

Winter Pavement Temperatures and Road Conditions:  Effect of Blowing Snow and Snow Fences on Pavement Temperature and Ice Formation - Presented at 6th International Symposium on Snow Removal and Ice Control Technology, June 2004.  TRB2004.pdf (PDF, 15p, 1.2MB)

Safety Improvement Study:  US 287 RM 402.00 - 425.41 - Prepared for the Transportation Commission of Wyoming, March 2006.  US287rep.pdf (PDF, 164p, 16MB)

Effects of Snow Fences on Crashes and Road Closures:  A 34-Year Study on Wyoming Interstate-80 - R.D. Tabler and J. A. Meena, Presented at the 13th International Conference on Cold Regions Engineering, ASCE, July 2006.  Tabler-Meena 06-1126.pdf (PDF, 10p, 850KB)

Three-Dimensional Roughness Elements for Snow Retention (FHWA-WY-06/04F) - August 2006.  3DFences.pdf (PDF, 189p, 9.5MB)

Estimating Transport and Evaporation - 1975.  Estimating Transport and Evaporation--1975.pdf (PDF, 21p, 5.029MB)